4 Tips: Living Beautifully with the Training Wheels Off


It’s been a few years since my son raced into our garage, rifled through the toolbox, pulled out a wrench and announced it was time to shed the training wheels on his bike.   Since then, I’ve watched a young boy’s reckless abandon for adventure, powered by his new two wheeled freedom.

Oh, the lessons we can learn about living life beautifully (and building an online business) as we run alongside our children guiding their efforts in learning how to master the balance and skill of the ride.

Here are 4 tips my children have taught me about being a mom and “boss girl” with the training wheels off…

Tip #1:  Keep pedaling or you’ll fall over. This is not as obvious as it sounds. Thanks to the momentum of your past efforts, you can stop pedaling and your bike doesn’t immediately stop. You coast.  Effortlessly.  Ahhh, your legs are thanking you for the moment of rest.

Of course, if you continue to coast, you’ll eventually lose all your speed and tip over – ouch! Even if you don’t fall over, the extra effort required to build back that momentum is exhausting and unnecessary. Stay in consistent balanced action!

Momentum in living beautifully is powered by you!

Tip #2:
Focus Forward.  Always look ahead at where you are going when riding your bike. If you turn your head to peer sideways or behind you for too long, it becomes impossible to keep your bike from veering off course. With your attention off your target or destination, you begin to wobble, steer off your path, or crash into an obstacle you could have easily avoided had you been looking forward.

Focus in living beautifully is powered by you!

Tip #3:  As new friends join you on the bike trip, communicate with the other riders.  Use clear signals and verbalize your intentions of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.  A sudden turn without any warning can leave the other riders confused, or worse, start a chain reaction crash. Have clear intentions, lead, and set the pace for a fun journey.

Purpose in living beautifully is powered by you!

Tip #4:  A fall is not a failure.  Yes, the sudden impact of your body hitting the ground can be shocking, sometimes painful, perhaps a bit embarrassing, and may even jolt your confidence.  It’s important to embrace the lesson that can be learned from the fall.  With care and patience all skinned knees heal.  If you’re open to those teachable moments, they will make you a stronger and better rider.

Confidence in living beautifully is powered by you!

Enjoy the ride!


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