Hello!  I’m Debra Warren.

I grew up along the shores of Lake Michigan –
sand between my toes,
lighthouses and Petoskey stones,
and snow covered winters.

Now I live on the beautiful sun coast of Florida –
sand between my toes,
palm trees and sea shells,
and sun kissed seasons.

I love to walk along the shores of the beach
with my husband, our two children,
and our hands entwined together.

My blog space is where I like to spend time
writing and sharing my passion for
living life inspired through personal artistry:
beauty, body, and being.

As a champion for healthy living,
and a consultant for a global beauty and wellness brand,
my passion is “simply fit” inspiration…
pure, safe, intelligent skincare and sports nutrition
because everyone deserves to live vibrantly – inside and out –
and feel the confidence that comes along with it.

When I’m not writing,
I’m home schooling our children
and loving my role as “golf mom”
driving around the lush green courses
in those sporty golf carts!

Our weekends are filled with tournaments,
sunset dinners on the beach,
quiet cuddly moments reading,
and moments full of laughter.

Please stay a while and enjoy exploring ideas
that will uplift and transform your thoughts
as to what’s possible for you when
live life inspired!